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2017 NAVC Workshop Schedule
(Fort Gibraltar, Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Friday Nov 3rd
8:30am to 5:00pm
OFF-SITE Field Trips
8:30 - 12:30pmThe Corporate Archives of NW Co and the HBC  Jeremy Kingsbury and Chris Black
12:30-5pm Behind the Scenes Material Culture at the St Boniface Museum, Chris Black - Admission $

All day: Claire Sparling hosts an informal drop in sewing bee in the Great Hall.  
8:30am-12:30pm Historical white metalsmithing - $5 Atellier Fabrice Siaux 
8:30am-12:30pm Sewing the Historic Capot - Nancy Gouliquer - CAD$110-$140/USD$90-$110
12:30n - 1:30pm LUNCH

Drop in Historical Blacksmithing Techniques - Fort Gibraltar Staff
6:00pm SUPPER

7:30-8:30pm KEYNOTE: "Who are these French Anyway: Discovering Historic St. Boniface” - Dr. Philippe Mailhot   

Saturday Nov 4th

OFF-SITE Field Trip
Exploring the Red River Fur Trade - Dr. Philippe Mailhot

8:30 - 10:15am
Making the Ojibwe Hand Drum - Michelle Prinquitz
The History of Chocolate I: Constance Popp     Chocolatier Shop (Walk)
LaVerendrye - Michel Loiselle
Flint Knapping - Chris Whaley

10:30am-12 n
The History of Chocolate II: Constance Popp Chocolatier Shop (Walk)
Forging Links: Prairie du Chien, WI, Winnipeg Manitoba, and the Dakota - Michael Douglass
Tinsmithing: the Pocket Lantern - Fabrice Siaux $10
Letitia Hargrave: Mistress of York Factory  - Irene Ternier Gordon

12n - 1:00pm LUNCH

1:00- 2:30pm
Death of a Voyageur: Main casues of Death and what they Teach us - Karl Koster
Selkirk's Red River Colony - Frederick Corsted
A Tale of Two Fur Posts: Neighboring NWC and HBC posts on the Red River - Jeremy Kingsbury
Chasing and Repousse: Metalwork for beginers Atelier,  Pedro

Coppersmithing and Blacksmithing

2:30-2:45pm BREAK

3pm- 3:30pm NAVC Members Meeting

6:00pm SUPPER


REGALE:  The Great Hall will be transformed into an early 19th century NW Co. Regale. Primp yourself for an evening of traditional games upstairs, for food and drink below, and music provided by Simpson's Folly and other traditional musicians. 

Sunday Nov 5th
9:30am Parting Remarks - NAVC Board

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